Dead Trollz – [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is an artist who I understand does absolutely crazy numbers and has amassed a fanbase unlike most rappers in the entire industry, however, I haven’t really listened to him as much as I probably should. If I’m not mistaken, his recent album Top was already projected to go number one on the Billboard charts before it even came out, and now that it has been gifted to fans, it is almost undeniably going to be at the top of the charts once the official numbers come out.

In order to keep the momentum going, he decided to gift fans with a brand-new music video for one of the project’s standout songs entitled “Dead Trollz”. Considering most of you have probably been listening to the album on repeat since its release, I’m not going to go too heavily into detail regarding the track itself, but the music video is definitely an offering that you’re not going to want to pass up. After watching the visual once all the way through, I quickly noticed that it takes the two lives that NBA has lived and combines the two, meaning it takes his violent past in the streets and introduces this lifestyle to his newfound lavish way of living, including luxury cars, designer goods, and diamond-studded chains.

As it opens, YoungBoy is smoking a blunt as he hangs out in his all-white Mercedes, blowing smoke clouds in the air as he ashes the blunt out of the window. Animations of bullets rain down from the top of the screen while cartoonish guns spin around the artist and his crew, as other effects make certain scenes look wavy or blurry. Certain shots show him and his group riding around as their red-dot studded guns hang out of the windows, aiming anywhere and everywhere before another scene shows the crew lighting up another car before making a quick escape. Another setting takes his group to a film studio of some sort where they smoke, drink, flex their copious stacks of cash, and wave their weapons around at the camera once again.

During the second verse, YoungBoy meets up with a homie who opens his trunk up, exposing bags on top of bags of weed. Instead of purchasing some of these, as I was expecting, his friends run up on him and rob him at gunpoint, taking what they want in the blink of an eye and leaving before the drug dealer even knew what hit him. Although there isn’t too much of a plot to the video itself, the quick transitions and rapid shots help contribute to the already hasty delivery and chaotic nature of the track itself, complementing the record seamlessly.

There is so much going on in the song, from the quick, uneasy feeling of the instrumental to the swift, aggressive mannerisms of NBA YoungBoy himself, that it almost takes you by surprise and has the ability to put your mind in a metaphorical pretzel by the culmination of the track. After more than one listen, though, you truly understand the message that NBA is expressing and it’s understandable after you realize the way of life that he was exposed to at such a young age growing up in Baton Rouge. While certain rapid cuts in videos lead to confusion on my end at times, I think in this one, they coupled with the speedy nature of the song itself nicely, so it definitely helped elevate this offering to new heights. You’re not going to stop seeing NBA YoungBoy’s name in the spotlight for the foreseeable future, so I suggest you get in tune with his latest project Top as soon as possible as well as his new visual for the album’s standout song “Dead Trollz”.