Dead Roses – [LAKE!]

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer LAKE! has caught my attention lately with his ability to create vibe-inducing, heartbreak-centered pop songs with an undeniable edge. His recently released music video for his song, “Dead Roses,” illustrates his style, charisma, and ability to create a definitive visual representation for his acidic pop sound. Combining candid shots of the burgeoning artist alongside the video’s love interest, LAKE! creates a visual that matches the simultaneously laid back and upbeat-emotive energy of his latest release, all while entertaining fans with his performance. Acoustic chords alongside 808s create fertile ground for the multi-hyphenate artist to operate, delivering lyrics on loyalty and love and the sad truth in relationships bitter end. This bitterness is further emphasized by the video’s sunset shots, reinforcing the metaphor of fleeting love.

Directed by: Jake The Shooter

Watch the “Dead Roses” music video from LAKE! below.