Dancing with the Devil – [Babyface Ray] ft. [Landstrip Chip] & [Pusha T]

At least once or twice a week, I feel like I have the luxury and the pleasure of writing about yet another magnificent Michigan rap release, and I haven’t even begun to think about growing tired of this trend. I am simply dumbfounded by just how insanely talented each and every emcee is in this region, whether I’m listening to straight lyrical geniuses like Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and Rio Da Yung OG or more uncharacteristic spitters like BabyTron or Teejayx6. Simply put, there is never even close to a shortage of remarkable music coming from the northern music hub, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the sounds that have been brought to life over the past couple of years.

Out of everyone, one of my favorite artists is undeniably Babyface Ray, and while I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion for most, I still think he is grossly underrated based on the amount of indescribably amazing content he has put out for fans. This is just the beginning it seems, though, because my excitement went through the roof once I found out that he has a brand-new album entitled Face dropping in two short weeks on January 28th. Not only this, but he decided to celebrate the upcoming drop with a single called “Dancing with the Devil” featuring the talented up-and-comer Landstrip Chip as well as the iconic Pusha T, alongside a Joseph-directed music video.

Babyface is known for being as dynamic of an artist as possible, so even though this record might not necessarily be one of his more ruthless street anthems, it is an introspective take on his one-of-a-kind style that shows us a more revealing and emotive side of himself. Chip takes the hook, stretching out his notes impeccably well with ease before Ray comes in and absolutely kills his verse. There is a numbness within his delivery that gives a feeling of grief and loss, but it also gives off a sense of strength and perseverance in a way that only Ray could pull off so effortlessly.

When King Push comes in, his words are assertive and full of passion, per usual, but the way he constantly changes up his delivery and cadences made this portion one of the best verses I’ve heard from him in a while, at least in my opinion. The next two weeks may drag because of just how much anticipation I have for Babyface Ray’s impending amazing album, but “Dancing with the Devil” is one of the best things I’ve heard all month, making it a track you absolutely don’t want to miss out on.