damaged – [Kody Lavigne]

If I’m being completely honest and fully transparent, I have to admit that a few years ago, I was not a fan of the direction that music seemed to be heading in. As the music business embraced the internet age in its entirety, it just seemed like so many people who had access to a microphone and could get beats off of YouTube were making music, even if there was no natural talent for musical creation within themselves. Instead, they hide their flaws or imperfections behind copious amounts of autotune and various other vocal effects, and this made it seemingly impossible to find newcomers who truly had a knack for this industry.

While I used to look at this as a glass half empty kind of situation, I have since tried to shift my perspective and understand that while this easy access might flood the scene with tons of wannabes, it also will give the opportunity to create wonderful music to people with legitimate skills, but you just have to dig a little deeper and spend a bit more time finding the ones who are worth your time.

Beyond my rant, I thought it was necessary when talking about Kody Lavigne, because even though I don’t know exactly how he got his start in the industry, it seems as if his influences including legends like Juice WRLD got their start from extremely simple and humble beginnings but went on to take over the world, and that’s definitely something I could see in Kody’s future. A couple of days ago, he decided to bless listeners with a brand-new SoundCloud-exclusive banger entitled “damaged” produced by Dercept and Aiden Han, and I have been obsessed ever since. The guitar in the instrumental tugs at your deepest heartstrings before the energetic drumline comes in to raise the energy which is the exact equation for Kody to completely thrive.

He might start out with a fairly humble delivery, to begin with, but this blossoms into a momentous event when the beat picks up, allowing the Connecticut native to unleash his captivating skills, stretching his notes with every ounce of emotion in his body which shows us just a glimmer of his full potential, which is something that truly gets me excited for what the future has in store for him. I firmly believe that 2022 is going to be the year that Kody Lavigne takes off and becomes the star he is meant to be, so while I’m beyond amped up about this speculative journey, I’m also just happy to live in the moment listening to “damaged”, the latest and greatest song from the young superstar in the making.