Damaged EP – [Rosey Theo]

Blending of genres is a common theme found in the music industry and the hip-hop industry primarily these days, with modern artists utilizing tools with audio engineering that transform tracks into interesting new sounds, keeping audiences refreshed and forcing other musicians to adapt.

That certainly is the case with Rosey Theo, and the Belgium native meshes even more genre stereotypes with his international influence, as well.

His latest EP, Damaged, is a three-track project that features 95 Kuston, Malik, and King Kev, with production coming from WizardBeats, who has seen his instrumentals used by the likes of Lil Yachty.

The project includes catchy hooks influenced with well-utilized autotune, drawing listeners in with his melodies. Each individual has a different feel, however, and leaves the audience interested to hear more as he uses a variety of stylistic tendencies.

Rosey sings messages of struggle and damage, and how if he removes his limits, he can overcome.

The EP has received over 10,000 streams so far on Spotify, and is linked below!