Da Function – [DJ Primetime]

Some artists fall into this industry when a song they put together goes viral after a short creative stint, but I feel like this is because of the modern times and the technology that follows suit. This is a double-edged sword because talents who deserve it have a chance at success without unlimited resources at their disposal, but it also means that other clones come along and most people might not realize they’re jocking someone else’s style. As for other musicians, they were pretty much born into the scene, having an instrument in their hands pretty much before they could walk or talk, and this has been a part of their lives for decades.

Considering he started playing drums when he was 2, DJ Primetime has been making music since before he can remember I’m sure, and this can be credited to his parents who were either musically inclined or musically obsessed, helping mold his sound into something that is unique and impressive. The DJ/producer has clearly been practicing for longer than a lot of young emcees have been alive, and while his project Da Function is my introduction to the beat smith, it certainly got me excited for the success he has been experiencing over the past handful of years.

The EP might only contain 5 songs that run about 15 minutes long, but it is a way for him to flex his production muscles in a few different ways. I love tapes from producers because they always include artists that push their own limits, but this gives Primetime the chance to challenge himself and bring them into his own world of music just as much as they add their own flair as well.

With a whole variety of emcees from Sada Baby, Rucci, and Zoe Osama to Tru Carr, K8DO, Radio Base, and more, there is clearly more than one type of artist on this project, and Primetime does an impeccable job of painting a blank canvas that they can admire and contribute to as well. In all honesty, I do think that some emcees outshine others in terms of quality and overall skill, but not a single rapper outshines DJ Primetime, making this an EP that you’re certainly going to want to tap in with immediately.