Crybaby – [Lil Peep]

Although he may not be physically with us anymore due to some extremely unfortunate circumstances, Lil Peep’s legacy has lived on and is stronger than ever. His diehard fans carry his name and messages with them every single day, and even with the release of some posthumous music, his classic projects are still go-to tapes that get listened to at least a few times a month for me, typically. Although Crybaby might be overshadowed by some of his other projects from what I’ve seen when people discuss Peep’s career, I feel as if it was a pivotal moment in his life that really grabbed not only the attention of additional fans but the attention of the rest of the music industry. I also was extremely excited to find out that the legendary mixtape received a slightly remastered treatment and was added to streaming services for the first time ever. All of the samples were cleared except for one of my favorites, unfortunately, and because they couldn’t clear the Radiohead sample on “Falling 4 Me”, this was left off the new version.

Along with this newly remastered version of the mixtape comes a visual for the project’s titular track “Crybaby”, and although it might be four years after its initial release, I can never pass up an opportunity to write about new Lil Peep releases. The song itself is pretty much as classic and timeless as any Peep track, and since pretty much every single fan of his music has heard it previously, I’m not going to go too far into detail about it. Of course, the music video clips and recordings are taken from his life on the road and at some of his shows, so it gives fans a bit more insight as to what his life was like prior to his untimely passing.

As the visual opens, Peep is being introduced at a Santa Ana show as the crowd goes wild before he makes his way onto the stage. As the rest of this scene continues to unfold, a soundbite of an interview plays in the background. During this clip, the artist details his reasoning behind getting his crybaby face tattoo, stating that it was a push for him to be successful with his music, giving himself no possible chance for failure. The beat begins to become more prominent and his first verse starts up as he takes his talents to the stage and begins his performance. Clearly, the video clips are taken from various different shows over a significant portion of time which is obvious due to his drastically different hairstyles and different sized crowds that can be seen throughout. One of the most notable things I personally noticed was the fact that no matter how deep or depressing some of the memories he’s mentioning in the song might be, he smiles throughout every single one of his performances and shows just how happy he was to be there for his fans.

There’s just something so intriguing and appealing in my opinion when going back to watch some of Peep’s classic performances. It shows how although he was performing to packed venues and sometimes shared a stage with all of his friends, the spotlight was always on him and he was such a captivating figure. Furthermore, he never seemed to really need or want the attention either. He just shared his music with fans and he could connect on such a deep, personal level that this caused people to pay attention to him no matter what moves he made. Additionally, the visual takes us through various different performances throughout 2016 and 2017 including shows in London, El Paso, and a few in Los Angeles. The video comes to a close with a performance in Chicago, where the actual concert vocals are played as the beat is stopped and Peep sings the rest of the song a capella along with the rest of the crowd.

Few artists, especially underground artists, have been able to make a wave as momentous and significant as the one Lil Peep made. Although he was only in the music scene for a few years, he made every single moment count and impacted the lives of millions of people in such an unbelievable way. It’s clear that he might’ve struggled with some portions of his life at times, but he taught fans that it’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin along with a multitude of other valuable lessons, so his influence was much deeper than just music. You can tell just how important Peep was to the music industry because even years after his untimely passing, people drop everything they’re doing to tune into any new posthumous releases from Peep’s team. Although the world has been struggling after the loss of one of the most genuine, talented artists to ever make music, his legacy continues to live on through his work which is truly something to behold. Although we’ve all heard “Crybaby” hundreds if not thousands of times by now, be sure to give it another listen as you take some time to check out the brand-new music video below.