Chicago native Peter CottonTale is back today with a new tune following the success of his well received track, “Forever Always”. This time around, the social experiment producer has teamed up with the former PHOX lead vocalist, Monica Martin to remix her latest solo song “Cruel”. The best remixes are those that add their own artistic stamp to the song, while still staying true to what makes the original so great; and Peter CottonTale does just that. His instrumental work on this song is nothing shy of simplistic genius, but what else can you expect from him by now? Before hearing this remix I wasn’t very familiar with Monica Martin, but after hearing her soulful vocals paired with Peter CottonTale’s groovy bass, drum and piano addition, it’s easy to see why her following as a solo artist is growing more and more each day. If you’re sick of Christmas music and looking for an extremely dope joint to blast through your speaker system, this is the track for you! I’ve attached the Spotify link for your listening pleasure, but keep in mind that the song is available on all streaming platforms! Enjoy!