To say that Raissa is the next big thing would be a drastic understatement and complete lie, since in actuality, she’s already a force to be reckoned with right now. I first stumbled on her art about a month ago after getting exposed to what is now one of my favorite songs ever, “GO FAST BABY”. I can probably count on one hand the number of times that I’ve heard a song that completely blew me away and this song by Raissa is one of them. From that moment on, I began to immerse myself into her extensively impressive catalog and often times question how Raissa was able to craft up delicate masterpieces like “BULLYING BOYS”, “ANGEL ENERGY”, and “VALENTINE” with such ease.

Her artistic maturity and thoughtful perspectives can be attributed to many factors; One of which was her upbringing. Born to a Spanish Mother and Franco-Algerian Father, Raissa has gone from Spain, all the way to London by way of Malaysia, Beijing and Sydney. The colorful exposure to different cultures and different ways of life is an aspect that is represented so well in her music as Raissa possesses a dynamic sound and style that is unique to her and only her. 

The brand new offering that just hit streaming platforms last night is further proof of the singer/songwriter/producer’s immediate talent and inevitable rise at the same time. “CROWDED” is the latest single by Raissa and it truly is a triumph in every sense of the word. From the meticulous production to the angel like vocals of Raissa, the song will captivate you without even trying. I had the chance to speak with the up and comer and she explained that there’s more than meets the eye with this new song. Created with respected producer, Simon Oscroft, “CROWDED” was a song that came out quickly and naturally according to Raissa. Despite having self doubt about the song itself, many of her friends and supporters, including her manager encouraged Raissa to make this song a part of her forthcoming EP, which initially, was not her intention due to the process of making this piece itself. 

Opening up, being raw and vulnerable is something not many people are capable of doing and “CROWDED” is a song centered around that. Priding herself on being a strong individual, throughout these verses, Raissa tackles emotions and feelings that can often make one feel small, but manages to deliver an offering that confronts those feelings in a way that empowers and encourages others to do the same. What Raissa does in this song is  truly magnificent. The conviction and power she sings with will fill your heart in a way that will cause you to do more than just reflect but truly feel. The talented star in the making has created a song that serves as a healing agent, which is rare to see in music these days.

I have never been more excited for an artist in the way that I am for Raissa. The light that is on her life is undeniably bright and it is a blessing getting to write about the beautiful music that she creates. I’ve attached “CROWDED” down below, so make sure you take time to experience this one for yourself. Raissa is a gem and I pray this song touches you all in the way it’s touched me. Enjoy!