In the age of the internet, there are two schools of thought in regards to getting “on.” The first, that following a popular trend before it blows up will help you gain traction. The second — and the more sustainable of the two — is that following your own path and refusing to bend will eventually click, as the internet provides more opportunity for left-of-center acts to find fans than ever before. In the case of one of my more recent discoveries — an artist named Paris From Tokyo — listeners can clearly see the impact of the latter.

Ranging from the melodic, hip-hop-induced “Really Ii” to the electronic-tinted “These Blues“, Paris From Tokyo’s catalog thus far is entirely genreless, moving to the beat of its own drum without ever losing the steam of its creative ambition. As a result, there doesn’t exist an exact definition of what a Paris From Tokyo song “should”, or will, sound like, leaving ample room for random turns such as the budding talent’s latest, “Creatures.”

Pivoting toward emotive, soul-soaked guitar riffs, “Creatures” balances earworm melodies with symbolic lyricism, crafting a masterful marriage of sound and songwriting that, if not anything else, shows just how much Paris has to offer. He’s one-of-a-kind in every sense of the words, constantly translating his clear storytelling abilities into whatever sound, style, or rhythm he sees fit.

With this, there’s something profound about seeing an artist so unconcerned with fitting in. Paris From Tokyo houses a wide range of talents, and the guitar-led glory of “Creatures” is sure to attest.

Stream the song here and check out the video below!

Directed by Mind For Sale Productions
Song Co-Produced by Sam Morykwas