crazy – [lael]

After releasing 3 incredibly strong singles to kick off the year, lael has begun to shed her former image and transition into an artist that shines in their own right. After dipping out of the limelight, lael focused all of her energy into creating the music she was so passionate about. Each single has shown a different aspect of lael’s talent, but with her latest release, we begin to see the full picture of what she has been plotting. On her latest single titled “crazy”, lael creates an eerie atmosphere by packaging dark lyrical content with bubbly delivery. As a listener, you can feel the dichotomy between the strengths and weaknesses lael expresses in this song. What’s really crazy is that this song was produced and engineered by lael herself, showing she has a strong dedication to proving exactly what type of artist she can become.

“crazy” is only lael’s fourth official release, she has been a student of the game for some time so she isn’t coming out of the gate as a rookie by any means. What make’s this the standout of her releases is the horror movie of a music video she released to accompany the single. Following her around an abandoned mental hospital, we see lael in several different scenarios often as the one in question that is insane. While the past few years may not have been easy for lael, they have allowed her to evolve into something greater. This video represents the intense struggles lael has faced, filled with self-doubt and deep reflection on what is really important. If the first six months of 2021 are any indicator, it seems like lael has found her lane to truly evolve and pave her way as a superstar.

Watch the video for “crazy” below and stream on all platforms here!