Krazy – [Calid B.] feat. [Sam Thousand]

Landing in our pages today from Chicago is Calid B. whose groovy, up-tempo afro-beats tunes are sure to give you the feel-good fix you’ve been looking for as his warm melodic baritone gives the track a welcoming atmosphere and his vocals are contrasted nicely by the featuring artist Sam Thousand whose higher-pitched delivery is every bit as lively as the instrumental. This single builds up to Calid’s upcoming project PLANTAPES that builds upon his beloved 2016 and 2018 albums, AfroBang and Son of Songolon respectively, and most recently his 3Peat EP which was his last offering beyond “Krazy,” and another single in 2021, but it should be exciting to hear how his sound has evolved while continuing to include the classic elements of his sound that fans have enjoyed for six years now. His music has made it all over the world, obviously having strongholds in both Africa for the sound and all over America as he is based here, but it was his inclusion on the NBA 2K soundtrack that helped begin to take his music to all corners of the earth. I cannot wait for PLANTAPES and definitely will be adding “Krazy” to my playlists.