One of my favorite new songs I have come across recently is TYSM!’s “Crash The Rental” which is not only a great, feel-good song but what really impressed me were the origins of the song and video stemming from a real-life predicament that TYSM! landed himself in when he and his friends went to LA and literally crashed their car. As a fellow young person who has been out of town a lot lately in rental cars I related to this immediately because I know firsthand how stressful these situations can be. Instead of being rattled by the situation he and his team made the very best out of it, capturing footage of the accident and shooting a video to the song where TYSM! details the situation in full. Despite the situation being quite agitating the song and video have quite a happy feel to it and I admire their positivity and resolve, as well as just enjoy their music independent of the video’s unique storyline. I am looking forward to more music from TYSM! soon and am sure this is not going to be his last time in our pages.