Chiiild is set to join, Emotional Oranges on a North American Tour this Fall, and, honestly, it makes perfect sense. Like Emotional Oranges, their identities remain under wraps, they already have some serious industry connections (working with the likes of Gaga, Usher, and Skrillex), and, most importantly their fresh brand of R&B ensures a similar breakout.

Making one hell of an introduction with “Count Me Out,” the duo share a rich sound rooted in R&B. Teeming with subtle effects and exploratory sounds, though, they bring a more gritty, textured sound than you conventionally associate with R&B. Even their message challenges the norm. “Count Me Out” is more motivational and inspiring than morose, but still packed full of swirling emotion.

Even without knowing much about them, even with just one release, Chiild’s star power is incontrovertible. You just know it when you hear it and “Count Me Out” is it.