COOKIN’ UP – [BINO Uchiha] x [AnDyKoolKiD]

In the modern hip-hop industry, it’s not necessarily uncommon to see teenage artists making waves, but it just continues to amaze me the talent that I’m consistently hearing from people who can’t legally have an alcoholic beverage.

19-year-old BINO Uchiha, as an upcomer in Alexandria, Virginia, is one of these artists that caught my attention. His latest track “COOKIN’ UP” just recently released, and has made a splash in his area. Teaming up with fellow Virginian and former high school classmate AnDyKoolKiD, the pair introduced themselves with a catchy, semi-melodic piece that blends genres over a modern techno-synth-rap beat produced by Squirl Beats that allows the two to get creative with their flows and vocal tones.

“Flow dirty, bass jumpin’ like it’s double dutch.”

Their versatility is prevalent, and I think it’s what gives them an extremely tall ceiling as they continue their rise. Watch out for these two as they look to build off  their momentum with this banger in “COOKIN’ UP,” on Spotify below.