These days, the music is only half of the equation.

To succeed in this era, you need to stand out. You need a brand, and, of course, a social media presence. What good is the music if nobody is around to hear it? What good is the music of nobody cares?
With only a few releases under his belt, J Nanks has already laid a strong social media foundation by hanging out with some viral internet stars, constantly engaging with fans, and posting snippets of his music.
One of those aforementioned snippets of a song entitled “Confessions” is nearing a million views and I’m fairly sure a quarter of them are from me. More than the enticing melody, or the way he rides the cushioned beat from Ditty Beatz , it was that raw energy that had me enthralled, constantly replaying the snippet.
Finally, after much anticipation, J Nanks has unleashed the full version. Though the effort has a more polished, smoother sound, Nanks’ energy, and that intoxicating melody remain the tracks selling points, and show Nanks is more than just a “viral sensation.”
With a big social media following, a passionate, engaged fanbase, and now, a potential hit, all signs point to Nanks rising up the ranks quickly.