Communication – [Aidan Bissett]

18-year-old high school senior Aidan Bissett showcases how sharp his songwriting and melodies are on his new single entitled “Communication.” A vast majority of people are lost when it comes to communicating with different individuals. Aidan takes on and becomes in tune with his pressures, anxieties, and heighten emotions that everyday teenagers go through. The Tampa-based artist creates a high-energy breed of indie-pop record backed by impressive electric guitar, a skill Aidan picked up in grade school. On his debut with Capitol Records, the young crooner elaborated more on some of the lyrics and theme of “Communication.” Bisset stated how “Communication really gotten lost in friendships, relationships, and society in general.” He goes on to say “The only way we can fix anything is if we actually talk about it.” This was really refreshing to hear someone at a young age realize something so valuable that most adults aren’t masters at. This makes me excited to hear what is in the vault, from him and the other messages and songwriting that’s forthcoming in the future.

Listen to Aidan Bissett’s woozy and dreamy single “Communication” after the break.