Coming Clean EP-[Brandon]

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here. The highly anticipated collection of songs by Brandon has officially released and to no surprise, the immediate responses and reactions have been overwhelmingly positive to say the least. Since stumbling on Brandon more than over a year ago, I have seen the young artist grow right before my eyes in matters of maturity and wisdom. With every single release and every single drop, Brandon has managed to create a safe space that listeners can escape to in order to feel a sense of honesty, love and belonging. After seeing all of the people who have shown support of this project, it is clear that what Brandon is doing is much bigger than music…He’s bringing people together, which is a beautiful thing to see in all aspects.

I’ve spent time with the EP since it’s been out and it is an undeniable fact that Brandon smashed this one out of the park. Each song tells a story. Each song evokes a certain feeling; and each song will touch your heart in a way that you didn’t know was possible. Each song is powerful in it’s own way, but the focus track, “Her” just hits different and will resonate with a lot of people for numerous reasons. Brandon shared a quote about this specific track and he went on to explain:

“Her was written from her perspective, who ‘Coming Clean’ is about. I loved her zealously. It stems from what she told me, along with thoughts that were rolling through her mind upon our breakup. I own up to my actions, but I bury myself in my faults. I beat myself up a lot. I try hard to change, but I never realize I need to until it’s too late. I always tend to learn the hard way. I do miss her, and I really do wish I would’ve listened because maybe life would be a lot different than it is now.”

Whatever Brandon delivers us is a gift. Whether it’s one song or seven songs, I’m just grateful that I get to watch an artist like Brandon accomplish and achieve all that he’s destined to. “Coming Clean” is out everywhere. Give it a deep listen and congratulate Brandon on a stellar release day.