Come Home The Kids Miss You – [Jack Harlow]

Though it may feel like just yesterday, a lot has changed for Jack Harlow since 2020’s Thats What They All Say. Between his three (3) Grammy nominations, a track with over a billion (with a B) streams, and most recently, a viral banger sampling Fergie’s iconic “Glamorous” – few lately have been moving with the same precision as Harlow himself. His newest record Come Home The Kids Miss You is in many ways a love letter to the life that he’s lived since – Jack’s rare moment to breathe between headlines, events, and accolades. With a meteoric rise to fame like his comes a host of new challenges – practices to learn, people to be wary of, and no amount of accommodation or luxury can totally erase the inconvenience of his level of celebrity. Because of this, Jack Harlow’s new record is surprisingly mature from an artist known for his humor and carefree confidence. The mixes are much less conventional than one may expect, suggesting a refreshing and admirable desire to take risks coming from a position that in no way demands he takes them. Above all else, Come Home The Kids Miss You is much more reflective than his last LP, and from the opening moments of “Talk of the Town”, Harlow seems willing to slow down and reflect on both his accomplishments and the path he’s taken since his rise to ubiquity.

Like his newfound fame and celebrity status, Come Home The Kids Miss You is a well-deserved change of pace for Jack Harlow – but he adapts to his new life and subject matter well over the record’s fifteen tracks. Many of the tracks fall under similar categories: meditations on success and addressing his haters (“State Fair”), impassioned love songs to his significant other (“Lil Secret” [or “Side Piece”]), and bittersweet trips down memory lane pondering both those he’s purposely outgrown or unintentionally left behind (“Parent Trap”). Despite the more serious approach to songwriting, Jack Harlow’s still managed to instill his signature humor and charm in the most clever moments of his newest record. From shooting his shot at Dua Lipa to cleverly sending jabs at his haters, it’s oddly heartwarming that his personality is still intact and embedded into his newest project’s highest and lowest moments. While Jack Harlow moves across a broad emotional register on Come Home the Kids Miss You, the guests featured compliment Jack Harlow’s style well while establishing him as the newest member of hip-hop’s upper echelon. From Drake’s appearance on “Churchill Downs”, to Snoop Dogg’s surprise feature on “Young Harleezy” – Jack Harlow’s long-awaited return feels like a warm welcome into a new stage of fame. After all, nothing says “Yesterday’s price is not today’s price” like trading bars with Pharrell or flexing a Lil Wayne feature on your own record. Altogether Come Home The Kids Miss You is Jack Harlow’s most concentrated project to date, delivering fans an earnest glimpse into the life and mind of the superstar without sacrificing any of the qualities that made him so celebrated in the first place.

Check out Come Home The Kids Miss You below