Danny Adams
Danny Adams
9 Jul 2020

I can say with the utmost confidence that Juice WRLD was a one of a kind musician that only comes around once in a lifetime. While he might’ve started out humbly as an underground rapper and singer, his rise to fame was unlike anything I’ve seen in my life. It seemed like I was listening to him and showing friends his music for roughly six months ever since I had first found out about him and then in the blink of an eye, he was an immediate sensation. Obviously, he was beyond talented and shared messages that so many people could relate to, but there was just something deeper that isn’t quite tangible, and I’ve always had trouble putting my finger on it. Maybe it’s what some people consider a star factor or something like that, but either way, he had something that most artists, even most superstars, lack. Eventually, his music ended up transcending the Rap and Hip-Hop worlds and entered into various other genres where he once again was able to prove his dominance and talents to even wider audiences.

This is clear as day with one of his most recent releases called “Life’s a Mess” which featured Pop icon Halsey, and it’s evident once again with his latest single featuring EDM star Marshmello entitled “Come & Go”. The track begins with some very emotional, melancholic piano keys that resound in your ears as Juice hums and sings in a very similarly melodious fashion. His lines are sung in segments, to begin with, and the reverberation on his words echo off into the distance before he goes into his next bar. About halfway through the first verse, subdued drums enter into the picture and add a bit more of a quicker tempo than before, prompting Juice to speed up his cadence as well. As soon as we get to the chorus, the vibe switches up completely and an attitude seems to form a cloud over the track. Electric guitar chords and claps take over the instrumental while Juice’s disposition gets a lot more strongminded and aggressive. This is one of the best parts of the track, in my opinion, because it seems as if Juice and Marshmello are on the same exact page. When an element of the production changes, Juice changes with it and vice versa, leading to a truly well-thought-out and cohesive song.

As the chorus progresses, a classic EDM buildup is occurring as the drums get swifter and the beat builds up to an epic drop that occurs right as the hook comes to a close. When the drop does happen, the instrumental plays out in a grand, party-like way that is sure to get any function bumping. For the second verse, the beat switches up once again, but the upbeat tempo remains the same. Juice continues to chop his bars up, masterfully rapping over a beat that’s super appealing but not necessarily Hip-Hop, so although I’m sure it’s not easy in the slightest, he makes it look absolutely effortless. Finally, another drop build-up comes during the final hook, leaving listeners on a high note in such a magnificent way. As we’re taken on a journey with both the production and the lyrics, Juice talks about not wanting to mess up a special relationship in his life because that kind of love doesn’t occur often. While talking about this, he also mentions how he knows he can mess up and be inadequate for his significant other at times but he’s working to be a better person and he really wants to be as perfect as possible for this woman.

I have to say, I was left somewhat speechless after hearing this song. I had high hopes going in because Juice is one of my favorite artists and although I don’t always listen to EDM, I know how talented Marshmello is. I have to say, however, that those hopes were absolutely blown out of the water and I couldn’t be happier. At the same time, I’m not surprised because Marshmello has always been an advocate of Rap and Hip-Hop music and has even worked with Rappers many times in the past with similarly incredible results. All I know is, Legends Never Die is shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year and it hasn’t even come out yet. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough and I’m growing more impatient with every new single that’s released, but it’s going to be worth the wait without a doubt. Once again, Juice WRLD’s legacy lives on with every single new release, so make sure you keep him in your heart as you listen to his most recent single “Come & Go” featuring Marshmello.