Cold Blood – [Junior Varsity]

Imagine listening to a group’s music solely through Instagram snippets, private SoundCloud links, and warehouse shows. Well, that had been the case until Junior Varsity finally released their highly anticipated single entitled “Cold Blood.” There are so many cows in this video and that makes me happy, oh yea the song is really great too. In this video they can be seen in scenes at a farm, cruising the Los Angeles streets, and dancing aimlessly in someone’s kitchen. What is so wild to me is that they’ve built this much hype and a fanbase just off some snippets and short 30 seconds to minute videos. This should serve as a reminder that if the music and movement you’re cultivating is that captivating people will wait for you as long as it takes. My hope is that they flood the streets with a bunch of singles, I really believe Junior Varsity can create a special movement similar to what Brockhampton has done. They were also arrested for defaming the Hollywood sign by changing the “O” to a cow face, so it’s safe to say these guys are all in on the marketing front.

Watch Junior Varsity’s enticing video for “Cold Blood” below for yourself.