I am very excited to introduce the left-of-center lyrical stylings of Bryce Byrd to the Lyrical Lemonade community. The Los Angeles based artist’s latest EP, COAT, may be short but undoubtedly packs an impressive punch. This alluring outing not only perks our interest in Byrd’s current release but his future outings. 

Byrd’s opening track, “SATIVA,” is a strong introduction for any listener who may be unfamiliar with the looping synth production and laid-back delivery of the wordsmith. The project’s proceeding record, “ALTER DESTINY” represents a more back-to-basics style from Byrd whose storyteller-like performance floats atop the song’s haunting production. Despite the brief duration of both of these records, Byrd does an effortless job grabbing your attention. The project progresses with further exceptional displays of Byrd’s talent; showcasing his softer sensibilities on “SELFISH LOVE,” fusing his rapping and singing talents into the hybrid stylings “STEP UP” and finding a higher octave of rapping on the EP’s closer, “GOOD BOY.” If Bryce Byrd’s latest EP proves anything, it is that some of the best gifts come in the smallest, and in this case, shortest of packages.

Listen to COAT EP by Bryce Byrd below and make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.