Cmon – [Yeat] [Moshpxt]

Without a doubt, Portland, Oregon artist Yeat is unquestionably the most exciting and simultaneously groundbreaking artist to emerge in the past year, despite having been making noise in the underground for almost four years. He has been constantly innovating with his deliveries and melodic patterns but still lacked production that was both recognizable enough and captivating enough to fully realize the sound that we love him for now. The duo of Moshpxt and Jack Rottier also deserves a great deal of credit when looking at the meteoric rise of Yeat, as it was Moshpxt who helped Yeat first grab everyone’s attention this year with their now classic song and video to “Sorry Bout Dat” which was just the jumping off point for Yeat’s run. “Cmon” is the intro track to Yeat’s most recent project Up 2 Me which is easily my favorite underground release of the year and is certain to be a verified cult-classic in the underground world. I could watch this video over and over and never get bored and I like the emphasis Moshpxt placed on the actual car-racing element of the video, as Yeat’s music is likely responsible for dozens of reckless driving offenses since first coming out, which is high praise in this day and age.