ClutchSosa ‚Äď [Yung Maaly]

Southeast D.C.’s Yung Maaly continues to be one of the most prolific artists in a scene that doesn’t get nearly enough love yet nonetheless is self-sufficient in many ways, with a rabid local fanbase, media outlets big and small, plenty of artists, and a distinct local sound which dates back before hip-hop even period, deriving much of its distinct bounce from Go-Go music. Maaly’s lyrics are always fully lucid, aware of his treacherous surroundings but never loses sight of his ambition which permeates from every word he speaks. He is clearly one of the most driven artists in his city and is not scared to bet on himself and has a keen ear for beats, working with all of the top producers in his area regularly and collaborating with many on his new twenty-one track project ClutchSosa which follows his 2021 mixtape Straight Out Da South, which we covered as well. Maaly recruits no features as his songs speak for themselves across the dense new project and I highly recommend all fans of DMV music to check this out.