Cloud 9 – [Nápoles]

“To me, ‘Cloud 9’ means otherworldly. It is another realm and frequency where everything is possible. “Cloud 9” is my world, lifestyle and I want to take my listeners there. I want them to dream away with the help of sweet melodies and sounds. I want them to recharge whenever they experience the project. It’s truly an elevation of what I want to pursue musically, and I want to bring my listeners in on the journey I’m on. It’s a cohesive EP with different sides of me as an artist”Nápoles 

Stockholm, Sweden based artist Nápoles makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a stunning new EP titled Cloud 9. With six breathtaking songs each record provides its own heavenly listening experience. The production is predominantly ambient and/or dreamy with a few modern hip-hop and R&B elements, such as the incorporation of 808s on “Know My Place.” Nápoles’ vocals are luscious; the lyrics are organically refined to seamlessly blend with the background music. As a Ladieslovehiphop member, she does her collective proud by integrating her soulful qualities to create a versatile record. Cloud 9 provides tastes of R&B, hip-hop, soul and jazz, but no matter the association an atmospheric joy is sure to be felt. Listen to the EP in full below!