Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
16 Sep 2019

Still changing by the minute, the internet is a fascinating environment for music to exist in. Having removed the barrier of entry that we recognize as conformity, there now exists a time and a place for just about every kind of artist, no matter how experimental. Take, for example, the recent success stories of 100 gecs and JPEGMAFIA. Without sacrificing the integrity of their left-field artistic visions, each of the two have found unconventional success on their own terms, paving the way for other abstract artists to do the same in the years to come. Today, ready and roaring with the creative ambition to forge their path in a similar way, brotherly duo Brevin Kim is here with their brand new project, cliff.

Just 4 tracks long, cliff is the kind of release that doesn’t take listeners’ attention for granted. Every second of the project is maximized with vibrant bursts of energy, and speaking to my favorite element of this one, cliff finds an unmatched balance between well-structured songwriting and unpredictable turns, constantly approaching from all directions. As a result, the duo’s latest provides a crowning example of music that doesn’t exist just to exist. Rather, instead of taking up room in an already-oversaturated market, cliff decides to forge new ground, blending its individualistic sense for experimentation with universal themes that resonate on an almost mysteriously-wide level.

Accordingly so, for a project so deeply-rooted in sonic acrobatics, there’s something special about Brevin Kim’s ability to capture the ear of fans from such a wide range of genres. Soaring across the strengths of pop songwriting, the near-rebellious energy of rock, and the illustrative cadences of hip-hop, cliff is a body of work worth its time of digestion.

Quite clearly, Brevin Kim has given fans something to work with, leaving the magic just far enough below the surface to last. Explore this one for yourself by streaming cliff below!