Claymore – [Chach feat. Kevin Hilfiger and Misaku Foxx]

An all-too-impressive trend that has come to light throughout 2020 is the fact that the lines between hip-hop, pop, and electronic music of all varieties have been convincingly blurred to no end; in fact, the might as well have been completely eliminated. Acts who at one time may have considered themselves champions of a single genre and/or style have seen themselves coming to incorporate facets from practically any given style of music – popular or not – that is present today.

These results have paid off in droves for most, as it truly seems as though the absolute best tracks being released today are those that seamlessly merge as many different sources of influence as one sees fit. And if there were to be a single scene to best represent this sentiment in its fullest and most adequate effect, there is nowhere better to look than the ever-rising next crop of pop acts working today. 

Chach, Kevin Hilfiger, and Misaku Foxx are three acts who have been and continue to be at the forefront of this given scene as it continues to progress forward, and these are three acts that have taken the chance to merge these aforementioned sounds into their own unique place with all the grace in the world. Their recent offering together entitled “Claymore” is essentially the most blatant representation of this fact in full, and the resulting product is an absolutely masterful cut. 

The three deliver their own incredible performances over an outstanding instrumental provided by the duo of Taylor Morgan and Curtains, and it is truly these two that laid the groundwork for this genre-blending status to be so easily approached by the three acts on the mic here. What begins as a trance-like rise eventually evolves into a raucous and driving beat that allows for the trio to deliver upon with all the ease in the world. The beat itself effectively stands out on its own, which is a common trait for these two consistently outstanding masters of their craft.

The three verses here all stick out in their own unique ways as well, with Kevin Hilfiger serving as something of a middle man between the understated delivery of Misaku Foxx and the far more animated and sporadic one given by Chach. Altogether, the trio fills up this song’s short runtime with a completely dynamic experience — one that is just as divergent as the beat itself without question.