Clap – [Don Toliver]

Without a doubt, I have Don Toliver as the biggest artist to watch out for in 2020. Of course with the pandemic, some artists plans have been reevaluated as far as touring and appearances, but regardless, Don Toliver had managed to make sure that his name has been resonating with fans. With the success of his debut album Heaven or Hell, numerous TikTok trends taking off, and his contributions on features this year with Eminem, Nav, and many others, it’s safe to say that Don Toliver is making his imprint very fastly in his career. Today, he premiered a surprise release of his song “Clap”, from the Road To Fast 9 Mixtape.

The Fast & Furious franchise has been around since many of our childhoods, and as of late, they have begun to have some pretty substantial soundtracks to go along with the films. With F9 currently in production, the team has put together a soundtrack of music that is either inspired by, or featured in the film. This film being the last in the franchise, it was important that they casted a stellar cast of artists on the soundtrack–Don Toliver being one of them. On “Clap”, Don Toliver sticks with his usual producers Wondagurl and Frank Dukes to create more of his signature sound and vibrations. This song honestly sounds like it could fit in with his Heaven or Hell project, but it fits in perfectly here as well. Regardless of the subject matter of the song, “Clap” is a song that is perfect for putting on in the car and just vibing out to.

Being such a heavy hitter that he is, Don Toliver is really making all the necessary steps in his career and landing the right placements to make sure that his name will ring off no matter who’s album or project it is. Regardless if we get another full length from him this year, we will sure enough hear his voice on many more singles and projects to come.

Stream “Clap” by Don Toliver below!