Regional impact is a concept and a subject that I frequently speak of here on the site, and it is something that will always amaze me in the realm of music. Ways in which a certain artist or song could be elevating in one city or state and not the rest of the world yet is and always has been mind-blowing to me–especially now in terms of how fast the internet works. In terms of Hip Hop, New York native Pop Smoke has been making moves for a while, and many New Yorkers would agree that he had the song of the summer when he released “Welcome to the Party” about 7 months ago. Since then, he has been on the rise and has yet to hit the brakes yet. Many of us may be getting hip to him as of late due to his feature on “GATTI“–the feature he provided for Travis Scott & Cactus Jack album Jackboys back in December of last year, but just know that he has been making noise all throughout New York for a while now. Nonetheless, he recently released his new single and visual for the track “Christopher Walking”.

Staying true to his usual sound, Pop Smoke sticks to that real gritty and rugged style of hip hop that has been escalating out of New York as of late. Although this one is not produced by his usual producer and collaborator 808 Melo, this one is produced by Wondagurl and CashMoney AP. Regardless, Pop Smoke’s usual style is still intact and this one still gives off that same energy that he has been delivering since his emergence into the rap game. Lots of people compare it to the UK Grime scene, which is also inspired by the Chicago Drill movement. No matter what you label it, this one is guaranteed to ring off and carry us until we receive Meet The Woo 2–the rumored project he has been working on.

Watch the visual for “Christopher Walking” below!