Last year, Bakar dropped off one what became lowkey one of my favorite projects of the year in Badkid. It hasn’t really left rotation, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wondering what he would do next. Back for the first time since the release — and landing a track on the FIFA 19 soundtrack, mind you — Bakar delivers again with a two for one special, in “Chill” and “Sold Your Soul.”

Honestly… both are strong, so pick your poison…but given the more upbeat feel, “Chill” is the way to go if this is your first Bakar experience. Built around a simple yet effective guitar riff, the Zach Mahome-produced effort grabs you immediately. The straightforward yet snappy production is perfect for Bakar’s natural energy, and he keeps the effortless, even-keeled attitude until the very end, adopting an off-kilter, raw approach that, even with the dramatic change in styles, works so damn well.

No matter what approach he takes, Bakar can’t miss; “Chill” is a microcosm for what makes the aforementioned Badkid album so good, so be sure to check it out below!