Chicago. Not only the birth-place of Lyrical Lemonade itself, but also the title of one of Mr. Hudson’s newest offerings featuring Vic Mensa that appears on his first project in a decade, When The Machine Stops.

Mr. Hudson has worked quietly for the last decade or so. If you remember, some of his most notable work lies in his contributions to songs like Kanye West’s “Paranoid” and Jay-Z’s “Forever Young”. Since then, he’s played a pretty intricate role in the music industry, writing and producing for tons of notable musicians, and now in 2019, he’s delivered to us his first solo album in a decade. He recently joined Sway In The Morning for a memorable interview discussing this, and also showed off his budding personality while telling crazy stories, for example, when he recorded the “Forever Young” hook with Kanye in Hawaii and partied all night because of it, despite the fact that he had an early morning flight back home.

Late June’s When The Machine Stops was produced and mixed almost entirely by Mr. Hudson on his laptop, which is what makes it such an impressive and inspiring project. Machine is a cloudy and introspective pop record that features a number of standout tracks, one of which being “Chicago”, featuring Vic Mensa. The song is a crowning display of not only Hudson’s songwriting abilities, but also his producing skills, with triumphant progressions all throughout the track. The sentiment of the track is hopeful, assuming that a past lover will realize the mistake they made by leaving, and Vic Mensa’s focused verse on here is fitting. The John Coltrane reference was a nice touch, and overall he proved that him and Hudson have quite the chemistry. They have collaborated in the past on a track called “Coldplay” and it went over pretty well, so this nice mesh of artistic styles wasn’t the biggest surprise. 

As far as other standouts on his new project, we have the following track “Religion”, along with the spacey and melodic Taylor-Bennet assisted “Magic City”, and the self-confidence anthem “Slept On Me”. I recommend seeing where Mr. Hudson is at in 2019 by checking out the rest of his new project for yourself down below!