Champagne Ahki – [Moe Faygoo]

In terms of underrated artists there are probably very few that are truly more slept on that Columbus, Ohio’s Moe Faygoo who you have probably seen or heard on social media whether you realized it or not and the young rapper’s massive magnetic personality has made him easy to love for his growingly loyal cult following, identifying with many because of his status as a first generation immigrant in America who has risen above all the odds and made a way for himself and gifted him a platform to tell the story of his life, his family, and friends. Most recently he borrowed the instrumental for Drake’s latest instant-classic “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” that he titled “Champagne Ahki.” From the open he opens his mouth there is a clear difference in his persona, offering up his personal tribulations in addition to his triumphs that are broadcast all over his music typically, but in the midst of the heartfelt, confession like energy he offers glimpses of his sense of humor with his sarcastic ad-libs that instead of taking away from the songs seriousness only like Moe Faygoo even more. The intimate visual punctuated by militant clips from the Middle East was directed by DamackDidDat and he succeeded in creating a visual atmosphere that complements the music perfectly. He is incredibly creative and already has a very strong-hold on crafting his lyrics with lines you will remember and quotables that will make you grin when you hear them and I hope that he receives his flowers from the mainstream soon because he certainly has more than enough talent and charisma to make a major impact on the music industry.