Chakra – [V Lonely] ft. [TheHxliday]

As I have spent more and more time in the music industry, I have learned to never let an opportunity to learn about a new artist go to waste. While I definitely don’t have the time to go through all of the cold direct messages that artists send to me day in and day out (although I wish I did), I try my best to listen to musicians that I’m not familiar with by randomly finding things on Spotify or YouTube, receiving a press release that catches my eye, hearing about an up-and-comer from a fellow music business friend, or any other way I can. One method that I often overlook is by paying attention to opening acts at concerts I attend, but that is one of the best ways I have come across artists I thoroughly enjoy.

While I often get to shows late because I just want to see the main act, when I attended the DC the Don show a few weeks back, I made sure to get there as soon as doors opened because I’m homies with DC and some of his team members, so I wanted to take in the experience in its entirety, especially since it was the first show of his tour. To my surprise, there were probably around 8 opening acts, a number that I wasn’t expecting but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to get in tune with some of these musicians. In all honesty, I think most of them could’ve used a little work, and I’m not sure if it was the music itself or if it was the fact that they probably haven’t performed too many times prior, but regardless, I didn’t want to judge so my mind remained open.

I’m glad it did, too, because there was one artist that stood above the rest as one of the best emcees I had heard live in quite some time, and his name was V Lonely. After seeing a showstopping performance (and one that honestly seemed to tower over most of the other openers), I tracked him down and continued listening to his music wherever I could find it, and that led to me hearing his song “Chakra” featuring one of my favorite underground icons TheHxliday. Produced by THATSPHANTOM, the synths, crisp percussion, and pungent 808s all came together for an upbeat foundation that was very reminiscent of something that anyone from Lil Uzi Vert to Yeat would jump on, and I was excited to hear both emcees in action. V Lonely carries the brunt of the track, demonstrating a one-of-a-kind sound that just oozes with appeal, vitality, and individuality.

In this track, he lets his notes linger for a bit as he stretches out the final lyric in many of the bars, but I know that his talents go much deeper after listening to other songs, so I enjoy the fact that he can switch up his flows and diversify his talents as he sees fit over different types of production. TheHxliday’s contribution might be somewhat concise, but the fact that he is typically more tuneful and uses different instrumental styles made me appreciate his ability to adapt and still absolutely crush his verse, leaving listeners (or at least me) wanting much more of this sound from the Baltimore star.

Although I am only just becoming familiar with the Chicago area native known as V Lonely, I have yet to hear a record that I’m not a massive fan of and I think we’re certainly going to be seeing his name pop up more and more frequently as time goes on. With that being said, make sure you familiarize yourself with the rising local talent’s track “Chakra” as well as the rest of his discography as soon as you get the chance!