Cereal-[Ricki Monique] x [MMYYKK]

“This song was created as a sonic affirmation to remind me that I was built to be great. I put affirmations from my mother and sisters in the hook and brought up feelings of depression and hardships in the first verse to portray a sense of everything-ness. I am both powerful and weak at times. I wrote this song to remind myself to lean into my strong parts” – Ricki Monique

Minneapolis artist Ricki Monique makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a fantastic new song titled “Cereal.” Produced by MMYYKK, the mellow track is accompanied by an intimate COLORS-esque visual. Monique not only excels as a lyricist, but also as an equally gifted vocalist. Very much introspective, unapologetically vulnerable and bold, Ricki’s confidence grows as the beat gathers in intensity. Sonically the keys and attractive bassline is eventually met with 808s for a modern twist while Monique flawlessly showcases her multi-assortment of rap flows. “Cereal” simultaneously serves as a peaceful and powerful record, coupled with a stream of consciousness that intuitively comes natural upon ‘picking her chin up.’ Every lyric expressed is genuinely rapped/sung, which creates an authentic and relatable experience for any listener in need of encouragement. Overall, Ricki Monique is an artist with plenty of talent, and I look forward to hearing her debut EP set to drop sometime in April. Watch the official music video for “Cereal” below!