Catch These Hands – [Hadji Gaviota]

Queens-based artist Hadji Gaviota is continuing his hot streak of singles with “Catch These Hand“, an upbeat indie dance anthem dedicated to moving past an unkind lover. In traditional Hadji fashion, there are twists and turns, including a spacy, weird outro that flips the whole song on its head. The zany video, shot by Cultivision, has Hadji doing everything from falling out of the sky to a “Rocky”-style training montage in the name of love. The fourth single from Hadji’s visual album “PURGATORY”, due out later this year, sounds nothing like the past three with the trippy “RUNNER’S HIGH”, the falsetto-filled ballad “1-800-PUR-GTRY” and the energetic indie/hip-hop crossover “4049 SPRUCE”, but only adds to the building excitement for his project. When I first heard “Catch These Hands” I was blown away by how groovy the single was. I’m a big sucker for psychedelic rock and this record drew me in within the first 10 seconds.

Stream Hadji Gaviota’s new single “Catch These Hands” responsibly of course, after the break.