Cash In Cash Out – [Pharrell Williams] ft. [21 Savage] & [Tyler, the Creator]

There is no denying that when certain artists are featured on a song, it is going to immediately receive millions of plays and be heard all over the world. Some musicians just have that it factor that isn’t attainable, it’s just something they’re born with, and if you have any reason to say that Pharrell doesn’t have it, then I think you need to take a one-way trip to the hospital for a checkup.

The same goes for Tyler, the Creator and 21 Savage, and although all three of these artists are cut from completely different cloths, they just know how to make a song good, and that is more than clear in the Pharrell-produced song “Cash In Cash Out” that just dropped a few days ago. Whether we’re talking about the impeccable instrumental from Skateboard P, the addicting hook and first verse from 21, or Tyler’s second verse that really drives things home and completes this song in the hardest, most enthralling fashion possible, there isn’t a single part of this record that’s imperfect.

Although this isn’t a surprise, it’s just so cool to see these three diverse musicians come together and knock it out of the park in the way they did it. The François Rousselet-directed music video just makes this release even better, and it’s one of the most out-of-the-box and entertaining visuals I’ve seen in a minute.

In this animated video, all three artists are shrunk down as we’re taken into the depths of a wild circus of sorts that is filled with all sorts of activities, but each artist has their own trademark style highlighted with ease. It’s kind of one of those music videos that is just way too busy to explain, but it’s something that you simply can’t miss, so make sure you check out the visual for Pharrell, 21 Savage, and Tyler’s song “Cash In Cash Out” as soon as you get the opportunity.