Carry On – [Livin’ Legend Lausane]

Alabama rap is absolutely on fire right now and the scenes taking place in Mobile and Birmingham are as exciting as anywhere else in the entire country and both are blazing their own trails with unique sounds that are sprinkling influence in nearly every corner of hip-hop right now, from the Big Yavo and TLE Cinco “type-beats” that were originated by Barnotez and BarryAutoo and recently seemingly perfected by Taz and 93 Meexhie, and the instrumental and lyrical innovations that Mobile’s Rylo Rodriguez and NoCap have captivated the industry with.

However Alabama’s state capital, Montgomery, which is the home of the state’s first famous rapper, Doe B, who was unforunately murdered in late 2013, has slowly lagged behind in both output and coverage but over the past year I have started to see these tides change, primarily through Livin’ Legend (or LL as we called him in the last article we covered him in) Lausane and Fatt Macc who have energized a youthful audience in Montgomery that is beginning to shine the spotlight that the rest of the state has received over in their direction.

Lausane is back with a new video where he really flexes his vocal muscles and dazzles with his gentle yet melodic delivery which sounds perfect alongside the soul sample that drives the beat. His lyrics on this track are braggadocious and almost coming of age, which makes sense given the song was recorded a couple of years ago and if these are the songs that he has been holding since then I cannot imagine what else his unreleased catalog is looking like at this point. The video was directed by Sanborn Films who is making a name for himself in Montgomery as the go to videographer to shoot with if you are a young artist on the come up.