Bensbeendead. is turning heads once again with his electrically singed new single, “Care for You.” The Portland Maine based signer, songwriter and producer has been on a spree recently sharing a barrage of singles over the past couple of months. His latest release, to no surprise, finds the electronic pop guru excelling at what he does best; delivering soaring vocals, grand production and storytelling that is uniquely his own.

“Care for You” opens with looped electronic bubbling production that feverishly builds into the heartwarming chorus of the record, “you can go ahead drink what you like / ’cause I’ll be taking care of you for the night.” Ben delivers his soaring vocals from the perspective of a loving partner, allowing his significant other to free herself from concern, reassuring her that tonight she will be cared for by the person who loves her the most. The sentimental nature of this record truly encapsulates love’s powerful tethering as Ben sings, “I’ll be really happy if you’re happy tonight.” Listeners can fall in love with this record for a variety of reasons but the most important reason out of all them, in my opinion, is Ben’s ability to capture the clemency we have for those we love.

Listen to “Care For You” by Bensbeendead. below and make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.