Caprisun – [Lucas]

I always come across musicians who pleasantly surprise me, but the best kind of surprise is the kind that comes in the form of not knowing much about an artist. I just feel like when I am brand-new to someone, I am able to ingest their art in an unbiased way, and my first impression can continuously change as time goes on. When I first heard about Massachusetts-raised, Florida-based emcee Lucas, I was impressed by his simplicity and the fact that he had this ability to take something so minimal and invigorate it with so much vivaciousness and personality.

So yes, when I tuned into his song “Zizou” a month or two ago, I was captivated but also knew that artists typically can’t build a fully encompassing career based around so much straightforwardness, so I was undoubtedly excited to witness more moving forward. My assumptions turned out to be correct after tapping in with his latest single “Caprisun”, because it picks up basically right where the previous track left off, and I loved the continuity that built on the minimalism.

Sure, this video (directed by John Luna and FreeHoneyy) was equally as simplistic, but you could tell that so much more thought went into piecing this one together. As Lucas’ arch nemesis, the angered pizza man played by Heath240 in the previous visual, continues on his delivery route, he passed a couple of lovely ladies riding bikes. He gets excited as if he’s about to spit game, but before he knows it, the women beckon for Lucas to join them on their trip, prompting him to grab his wheels and unite.

This surely can’t please the pizza man whatsoever, and although it appears as if there is even more to come in future videos, Lucas opens his door after the ride to be greeted by an unspecified horror that I am on the edge of my seat to see what it could be. Not to brush over the song, because it is equally as entertaining, but the video just piqued my interest more than I ever expected from the second single off of Lucas’ upcoming project Palm Trees and Fake Smiles, so I am certainly going to keep my eyes peeled for the next installment of this series!