Capone – [ICEDOUTOMNITRIX] x [Roxas]

There are seldom individuals who can lay claim to the same type of resounding influence that ICEDOUTOMNITRIX has over the modern music landscape today. Being a beacon for any and all modern eras in the world of hip-hop, he has convincingly taken the sounds of yesterday and infused them with a certain sense of relevance, prowess, and overall quality that has left those who follow in his light the clearest path towards reaching the already-monumental place that he stands in right now.

Though this telling influence is entirely powerful and quite obvious once fully recognizing it, his status is rarely placed on the pedestal that it deserves — both in his effect on the music he makes alone, and also via his outstretching nature towards rising figures that look to take after him.

But if there were to be a song that fully encapsulates both of those aforementioned aspects within his untapped artistry, it would certainly be his most recent offering “Capone” with once of music’s brightest young talents in Roxas. This track serves as the epitome for all that he represents as a wholly integral figure within contemporary music today, and it is by all means an all-too-outstanding single as a result.

Over an ideally atmospheric and uninvolved instrumental provided by Dawn, ICEDOUTOMNITRIX does exactly what he always does best with his given passages throughout the track — coming through with an exceptionally appealing delivery that is just as ominous and foreboding as the beat it is placed upon. He – more than possibly anyone else at his level right now – has found the most seamless balance between pure allurement and blatant talent from a delivery standpoint, and the resulting factor are performances like these that just go to show how remarkably untouchable a figure like him is in this manner.

The song becomes that much more complete once Graveem1nd mainstay and fellow otherworldly talent Roxas gives a verse of his own. Dynamics come to shift in such a swift fashion as his high-pitched and far more animated deliver contrasts ever-so-ideally with the previously understated and muted verse that preceded it; both however match the instrumental’s brooding, yet fast-paced tone all the same, which practically cements the entire experience as one of the year’s best once its all said and done.

Perhaps it seems like nothing else could be said about the place that ICEDOUTOMNITRIX holds over the greater music world at this level in particular, but with such a forceful figure still looking to prove himself even more than he already has – and more than he needs to – the future is that much better off when knowing that so many more impressive tracks will end up coming to fruition as a result, with just as many talents being showcased at his side all the same.