Can’t You Tell – [Yung Swerv]

There’s certain times as a music journalist that I can just hear the starpower as soon as I turn on a track, and the excitement that comes with that is an incredibly addicting high.

That’s exactly how I felt when I was recently introduced to Chicago’s own Yung Swerv, whose work I admittedly am late tapping into. His latest track “Can’t You Tell” is already doing numbers, and as I dove deeper into his library I quickly understood why.

The single is a raw and unfiltered look into why Swerv has already put himself on a pedestal in the city. He mixes several styles of flow to keep listeners on their toes, with no guess as to what type of rhythm they’ll hear next. The verses are matched with just as impressive of a hook, making the absolute most out of every second of the near-three minute track.

“Doin’ all the shit I thought I couldn’t do, I could dream some more, all the heat I bring said they can’t breathe, so we gon’ bring some more.”

The lyrics portray experience and wisdom, as Swerv describes experiences and lessons learned on his way to success.

Kaybee Visuals was in charge of the 4K music video, and did an impressive job with multiple stylistic qualities and some incredibly creative transitions, cut scenes, effects and animation that you’ll have to see for yourself.

I’m hyped that I came across Yung Swerv at the time that I did, and I suggest anyone reading this hop on the bandwagon of this rising Chicago star before it’s too late. Some other tracks he’s made have already popped off, with bangers like “Long Way,” “No Feelings,” and “Road to Riches,” which have all reached over 100k views on YouTube.

Tap into Yung Swerv’s “Can’t You Tell” on YouTube below.