Danny Adams
Danny Adams
26 May 2020

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how ridiculous it is that so many artists have the word baby somewhere in their name. What I think is even more ridiculous than this is the people making these comments, because most talents with that word in their name are making some of the best music out right now. Whether you’re talking about Massive names like Lil Baby or DaBaby, or smaller names that still have enormous talents like Baby Keem or BBY GOYARD, the range of styles and just overall skills are clearly plentiful. BIGBABYGUCCI is one of these artists who are still on the come up, grinding to make a name for himself in the industry, but the underground scene has been messing with him for quite a while at this point.

After releasing his lengthier mixtape Teen Spirit about a month ago, he dropped what might’ve been some cuts he had to make, bringing them together to create a short EP entitled Dead After Teen Spirit just a couple of weeks later. Although I’m a bit late to the party here, he also just dropped a new music video for the EP’s last track “Can’t Feel Shit”. This attractive offering begins with a very appealing instrumental that is built through light, reverberating synths, some very hard-hitting, poignant drums, and clean percussion. GUCCI’s voice matches the production flawlessly, as his words are sung in a lighthearted, blithe fashion that replicates some of the airiness that can be found throughout the production. Some of his lines begin before the previous bar ends, overlapping them in such a way that adds some hastiness to the otherwise carefree, relaxed offering.

About halfway through, there’s a portion of the track that acts as a bridge, as the beat and his demeanor come off more simplistic and give a moment of recuperation before going back into the original melody. His ability to switch up not only his cadences multiple times throughout, but the way he changes the overall vibe during each part of the song is truly impressive, especially when an up and comer like GUCCI does it. It just shows his dynamic abilities and plethora of skills that are all going to take him to the next level as his career moves forward. This appealing track touches on some typical topics found in Rap songs, but the ways he goes about mentioning things like his expensive jewelry, getting with girls and then disappearing, and the drugs he takes are spoken in an interesting and refreshing way, not making them feel repetitive or outplayed in the slightest.

The music video opens up in a parking lot as a few vehicles are doing donuts around an all-white pickup truck. GUCCI is sitting in one of these rapidly spinning cars smoking a blunt with a nonchalant look on his face as if he’s unaffected by the dangerous maneuver that the driver is pulling off. He switches cars in other scenes, as he sits in the front trunk of a Porsche while a few friends stand around and vibe with the North Carolina native before another setting shows him standing in the back of the original white pickup truck. While the majority of this visual revolves in and around cars, another setting displays the talent standing on the outside of a fountain that’s on a patio in the middle of a lavish estate. Quick cuts back to the cars are seen abundantly throughout, as the screeches of the rapidly spinning tires interrupt the song for split seconds here and there on occasion. Although there aren’t any wild effects or a plethora of different settings, this video does a wonderful job of carrying the relaxed, untroubled aesthetic of the song over into the visual.

Some people might be surprised at the fact that BIGBABYGUCCI is still working tirelessly to make a name for himself in the industry considering they’ve been listening to him for years, as I have. The truth is he’s been consistently making hit after hit for years now, and people just don’t show him the respect or admiration he truly deserves. He has created a sound in the underground that others have copied and tried to replicate, but he obviously still does it better than anyone else. Although he might not be a household name in the mainstream, he’s definitely a mainstay in the underground, and people definitely respect him for all of the work he’s put in throughout his career thus far. It’s all going to pay off sooner than later and knowing GUCCI, he’s going to stay true to himself throughout the entire process. If you’ve been sleeping on BIGBABYGUCCI, it’s time to snap out of it, and “Can’t Feel Shit” is the perfect wakeup call.