Can’t Die – [Rich Amiri]

Although there are literally so many artists that I am beyond thrilled to know about as they continue to rise to fame, there are very few that captivate me enough to drop everything and listen to as much of their music as I can so I can catch up on lost time. The last emcee that caused me to do this was probably Yeat because even though I wasn’t instantly all in on his music when my brother would randomly play me tracks here and there, he grew on me like wildfire and there were legitimately weeks and almost month-long stints where I would strictly listen to his music.

Even though this was probably only about a year or so ago, I recently found out about an artist who captured my attention and enthusiasm much like Yeat did at first, and this emcee goes by a name I’m sure you’re already familiar with: Rich Amiri. I think it makes sense that Amiri caught my eye and I became obsessed because he often does utilize a sound that can be comparable to Yeat, but that comes with the fact that many of the producers he works with also work with the California/Oregon emcee.

Fresh off of last week’s two-pack of songs called “ruthless” and “trouble”, Amiri is back and at the top of his game once again with a Taz Taylor and Cxdy-produced song “Can’t Die”, which also comes equipped with a Declan Kyle-directed miniature movie. The instrumental sounds like it came straight out of a retro video game soundtrack that is juiced up with electronic synths and so much energy. Amiri goes crazy once again, spitting certain bars that are a bit more candid before heightening his pitch and singing a few notes, cycling through this intoxicating rotation as the song goes on.

In the video, there is this dark and ominous vibe as he appears to pay homage to shows and movies like The Matrix and Dexter. As the visual moves on, Amiri seems to find himself in a variety of different blood-covered scenes without fear, dodging bullets, burning houses down, and evading any other death wishes that attempt to come his way. This music video perfectly showcases the song overall, and considering the record is an absolute banger once again, I couldn’t be more eager to see just how massive Rich Amiri becomes even by the end of the year.