CANCELLED – [slowthai] ft. [Skepta]

The more slowthai builds up hype behind his upcoming album TYRON, the less I sleep because I’m just so unbelievably excited. All of the singles he has dropped so far have been absolute hits and sound like completely separate entities, so although most people like albums that flow fluently from song to song, it’s hard to imagine how this project is going to pull that off. Nonetheless, thai is an absolute mastermind, so I know he’s going to tie everything together perfectly, and we’re going to see all the fun unfold this Friday, February 12th.

Just last week, thai and his close friend and frequent collaborator Skepta took the stage on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a brand-new single entitled “CANCELLED”, a song that they teamed up to shoot a music video for as well. Now that the studio-quality single is in our laps, I couldn’t be more excited. Kelvin Krash, SAMO, and Kwes Darko joined forces to create the incredible instrumental, utilizing eerie, unsettling flutes, crisp percussion, and terse drums that come together to create an amazing result.

Throughout all of this, Skepta takes the hook to brag about some of his many well-deserved accomplishments as well as the fact that people want to cancel him because they’re pretty much jealous of his success. This resumes in thai’s verse, although he seems to continue to encapsulate his madman persona that is as positively off-putting at times as it is fascinating. Once Skepta gets into his verse, he gets much more assertive with what he wants to do with the haters and the people who try and get him in trouble just because of their own personal jealousy, boasting a few bars that should leave anyone who’s not on his side shaking in their boots.

When it comes to the music video, THE REST directs this flick and does a perfect job of getting in the wild mind of slowthai and bringing his always out of the box ideas to life. There are plenty of pop culture and cinematic references throughout including obvious influences from Scary Movie, American Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and all of these scenes just make the visual that much more intriguing in my opinion, even though I’m personally not too into Horror or Suspense movies in the first place. Either way, these are simply iconic moments in cinematic history so they’re recognizable for even the biggest of scaredy cats like myself, and both thai and Skepta do an unbelievable job of embodying these legendary characters.

I feel like I’ve covered pretty much every single release that slowthai has dropped in anticipation for his upcoming project, but that’s just because he’s so damn compelling. I challenge anyone to point out another rapper or singer who has music videos that are as off the walls as he does because I don’t think any other arts even comes close. The next person that comes to mind is Tyler, The Creator especially during his Odd Future days, but even those visuals might not compare with some of thai’s absolutely outrageous offerings. You can bet your life savings that I’ll be listening to TYRON the moment it releases this Friday, and I highly suggest you treat yourself to the album as well because it’s definitely going to be quite the spectacle.