Calabasas – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is an artist that we have been posting about on our website since 2019, he is a versatile artist out of Louisana that we are huge fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade. Just a couple of minutes ago, we released the brand new music video for SSGKobe’s record called “Calabasas” featuring $NOT. This song just has that classic Lyrical Lemonade feel to it, we’ve all agreed that it reminds us of an underground track that’s going to blow up + launch SSGKobe’s career to stardom. Kobe + $NOT displayed some amazing chemistry on this song, they complimented each other flawlessly over the hard-hitting production, it’s a song that will leave you wanting more collaborations from them in the future. Keep an eye out for this man Kobe, I have a good feeling that he’s going to be one of the leaders of this new class of music.