Calabasas-[Solosam] x [MFnMelo]

“Calabasas is a figurative place of wealth, success, and that part of music that so many artists reach for. When you dream about it, you don’t know that in that journey you’re going to lose friends along the way, and you’re going to question yourself”SoloSam

Chicago artist-chef SoloSam returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his first musical dish this year titled “Calabasas.” The single is impressively self-produced, and features the talented Pivot Gang member MFnMelo. Professionally mixed and mastered by LEALE, the track has a momentary somber opening, before transitioning to one of the smoothest, synth-led melodies you’ll ever hear. Combined with the booming bass drums, and the offering quite literally sounds as if it was sourced from the ocean’s most intriguing depths. Marked as Sam’s first release since [his 2021 album], Principles to Die By, SoloSam has reminded listeners of his immense versatility; namely his unique ability to melodically vocalize while rapping his ass off. Stemming from both his songwriting and production talents, Sam is highly attentive to detail, which exemplarily contributes to the well-rounded song structure of this release. As for MFnMelo, his quick, but memorable verse is a signature testament to his relaxed ‘mello’ flow, which never disappoints on any record. “Calabasas” is just the appetizer of a very busy year for SoloSam; expect more great music along with several other surprises, such as key information regarding his cooking show, Principles to Dine By. Have a listen to the track below via The Orchard/Steak Worldwide!