Two weeks ago, I came across Sha Hustle’s “BUZZFEED” when it was already two weeks old. It sounds crazy, but at that point (and in this day and age), it already felt too “old” to post.

For two more weeks, I’ve kept the tab open, trying to decide whether or not to do a write-up. Sure, the hesitation came from the song’s age, but, honestly, it had more to do with the fact that song is so wild, I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about it.

I’m someone who favors some bounce, so Hustle’s aggressive, raw style was a lot for me to handle, and yet, I couldn’t seem to get away from this track. As crude and off-kilter as it feels, Hustle’s boardwork really draws you in with some anthemic chanting and a hypnotic, off-kilter whurring. The Toronto product blows the top off with an abrasive effort both vocally and lyrically, never once letting off the gas, maintaining the out-of-control energy the whole time.

Apathy is the worst feeling a song can give you, as polarizing as it may be, “BUZZFEED” demands your attention.  It may challenge you, but ultimately, Hustle’s unconventional sound and raucous energy will win you over.