Burning Up – [Nardo Wick] x [The Kid Laroi]

Less than a week after releasing Central Cee’s new music video that has amassed nearly 10 million views, Cole Bennett of LL is back again, this time with a brand new music video for “Burning Up” by The Kid Laroi and Nardo Wick. This video was shot a few weeks ago in Norway while Cole was overseas shooting a string of visuals, and it lined up perfectly because it fell on a date that Laroi had off of his European tour! To the common musical listener, this collaboration may seem unexpected, but to me, it’s the textbook “I didn’t know I needed this until I heard it” type of song. Laroi and Nardo complement each other very well and throwing the vision of Cole on top of that significantly amplifies the moment. Take some time out of your Tuesday night to watch this brand new visual below!