BULL$HIT-[Evann McIntosh]

Evann McIntosh has been one of my favorite artists ever since I stumbled on her debut project Mojo back in 2019. The mature and thoughtful lyric content would make you think that Evann is a seasoned legend when it comes to this music stuff, but the simple fact that she is 16-years-old might be the most impressive part of her artistry. To be able to do what she does at such a young age is nothing short of a testament to the God-given talent that she possesses and I firmly believe that we need to celebrate this young up and comer in every way!

After dropping her latest hit single, “WIYULD”, fans and tastemakers alike have been itching for new Evann music and today that day has finally come. “BULL$HIT” is going to be your newest obsession whether you like it or not. The new song by Evann wastes no time in grabbing your attention as she opens up the song instantly showcasing her angelic and mesmerizing voice. We all know that she has crazy vocal talents, but it seems like each time she drops something new, she whips out a brand new part of her artistry that we didn’t know she had. Evann continues to evolve into the artist that she’s destined to be and its a blessing to sit here and witness it.

I was able to speak to Evann last week and hear about this new song of hers and she took time to explain:

“BULL$HIT…wow I love that song. That song bangs…it’s so good. It’s basically just about a toxic situation where someone is trying to live through you instead of trying to have a nice respectable relationship with you. But on top of that, its just a really nice and jazzy song that was just a lot of fun to make.”

What makes this offering even better is the fact that Evann dropped a video to go along with “BULL$HIT”. The cinematic grade visual is completely stunning in each and every way as it follows Evann around a simple set as she serenades the camera with her dynamic dance moves and eye contact with the camera. Evann is a natural at everything she does and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a career in Hollywood waiting for her. “BULL$HIT” is Evann at her best and I’m so hype I got to bring this to our pages today. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a watch and let us know what you think!