Brolic – [Abstract Media]

It is my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readership to Abstract Media. The Atlanta-based rap group recently came across my radar through their single, “Brolic,” and I was immediately sold on the unshakeable energy this group delivers. Composed of hard-hitting drums, melodic flows, and an undeniable x-factor that is shared among the members, Abstract Media creates a bop-inducing brand of Hip-Hop that not only caters to fans of rappers with lyrical prowess but also those looking to set a tone. “Brolic” embodies this duality with ease, creating a song that not only stirs you up but is packed with verses that impress. Although they’ve been releasing music since 2015, it appears Abstract Media has fine-tuned their vision and is ready for the world to catch up – get familiar now, not later.

Listen to “Brolic” by Abstract Media below.